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Who is Rocket?

William Murray, PHIUS Certified Builder and Sarah Cobb, Certified Passive House Consultant, have been building together for over fifteen years. In 2012, they founded Rocket Construction.

The company name was a tongue-in-cheek reference to their first tool trailer — a plywood box on wheels — arguably the most un-aerodynamic shape possible. A coat of red paint and some glitter turned it into "the Rocket" and the name stuck. Two PHIUS certified passive houses and several LEED Platinum homes turned the joke into a name associated with high-performance, low-carbon construction.

In 2021, Wil and Sarah made the smart move of asking Marie Francis, office & project manager, and lead carpenters, Karl Dandenault and Jean-Mathieu Perreault to become partners, ensuring the future of the company.

The Springhouse, our first Passive House built back in 2017, changed the course of our practice. Creating homes that are part of the solution for our present climate crisis has been our mantra ever since.


With countless renovations under our belt, we have the tools and the understanding of building science needed to improve your home and ensure its (and your) long-term health.


Our climate is brutal on our buildings but new technologies and practices exist and we are committed to using them to create homes that are both beautiful and comfortable. An airtight, well-insulated building means no drafts, no cold spots and great indoor air quality.


The construction industry is responsible for over 39% of global carbon emissions. By reducing the size of our buildings, by using local, healthy, sustainable materials that store carbon and by diverting construction waste from landfill, we are doing our part to make things better.


We are incredibly fortunate to work with an amazing team of bright, ingenious, committed and resourceful people.


We take advantage of the know-how of local businesses that share our values to advance the cause of high-performance buildings in our little part of the world. Since 2019 we've been helping other contractors and home builders figure out how to build more sustainably across Quebec.

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